Hydrogen Skills Academy

Hydrasun has a dedicated Training facility and training resources to deliver training in the installation, commissioning and on-site testing of Hydrocarbon systems within the oil & gas market. The training courses we deliver are OPITO, ECITB, BFPA and ISO certified.

Recognising the unique requirements within the Renewables marketplace this capability has been expanded, initially with a focus on Hydrogen, with our personnel’s skills being augmented with
further competence based training on Hydrogen specific equipment packages, the specific interfaces between these packages and most importantly the safety requirements for these systems.

In particular we have developed Safety, Mechanical, Electrical, Control and Instrumentation training and competence packages. We have leveraged our Hydrogen supply chain relationships with key Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) to ensure we have demonstrable OEM certified training assuring the highest levels of competence can be delivered to our end customers. This includes Electrolyser, Compression and high pressure Gas Storage system training whilst the safety training completed as part of our oil and gas market deliverables has been enhanced with the inclusion of hydrogen specific training modules specifically pressure testing and fire safety.

In parallel with developing Hydrogen specific training modules for Hydrasun personnel we have developed a suite of competency-based skills courses for the overall market including:

  • Electrolyser Integration / Servicing / Maintenance & Inspection
  • Compression systems and Storage servicing and maintenance
  • Hydrogen Dispensing and Distribution integration, maintenance, and inspection
  • Fuel Cell Integration
  • Pneumatic Pressure testing competency
  • Hydrogen Gas Safety Awareness Training
  • Controls and monitoring systems
  • Safety and alarms interface training.
  • Process Control Operations / (de-)Commissioning
  • Process Safety Training

The Hydrogen Skills Academy aim to deliver the aforementioned training in a real-world environment, ensuring all delegates are prepared for the transition into the Hydrogen and renewables sector. This will include working under permit to work and safe systems of work controls including (dynamic) risk assessments prior to carrying out any tasks within the academy. Delegates will be formally inducted and will go through a pre-job briefing prior to any practical exercises in the academy. These true to life work controls will ensure that the transition to working in the Hydrogen and renewables sector is as seamless as possible and that all delegates are fully prepared leaving the academy experience.

Hydrasun’s training and competence assessment complies with our existing ISO QHSE management system standards and as such, is an auditable process with the ISO Standard recognised globally.